Thesis: Understanding Emotions

Sample Thesis Paper

From the above discussion, we can conclude that an emotion is a sensation that a person feels towards any event, entity or occurrence that can either be devoid of a logical perception, or may originate from a judgment made through a logical perception altogether. In any case, the emotion that a person feels towards the entity tends to determine the behavior that the person will establish towards that entity (Harper & Ellis, 1975). However, it may not always be productive to let one’s emotions serve as the guiding perimeter of their behavior since an emotion, if devoid of logical consistency, may serve to cloud the person’s sense of judgment and may cause the person to engage in an activity or make a decision that the person may regret having performed in the future.

We can also concur that just as an emotion may serve to cause a hindrance in the subject’s capabilities of performing their duties, if experienced at the right time and at the right place, an emotion may also serve to assist the person in carrying out their duties and responsibilities better. In this regard, we can bring our discussion to a close with the establishment of the fact that the experiencing of an emotion is an almost avoidable phenomenon in man, but the outcomes attained from the experiencing of the emotion are dependent upon the degree of control that the person has on his/her emotion.

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