Thesis: Understanding of Retail Marketing and its Fundamentals

Sample Thesis Paper


In the United Kingdom alone, Debenhams currently has multiple outlets open in London, Wales, South East England, South West England, Central England, Yorkshire, North East England, North West England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Internationally placed Debenhams branches include ones in United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Philippines, Malaysia, Kuwait, Jordan, Ireland, Iran, Indonesia, India, Iceland, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Bahrain.

Debenhams deals with men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear and durable goods. In order to assist its consumers in making their shopping experience as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible, Debenhams offers a number of services to its consumers that include complimentary services, free services and services that a consumer can take advantage of at a certain price. All of these services are designed to carry out retail marketing operations for Debenhams. However, there is a certain shortfall that Debenhams can be concluded to have in this regard with respect to retail marketing.

Debenhams may have been around for a long time now but it is beginning to lose its customers to the likes of Marks and Spencer. In terms of the reasons because of which it is losing a large share of its clientele to its competition, one can deduce that one of the few things that Debenhams needs to change is its retail marketing strategy.

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