Thesis: United States Constitution

Sample Thesis Paper

The constitution was considered to be a radical document in its time due to the fact that it was the first time in history that such an approach had been suggested in the creation of a legislation of a country and then ratified by its states. The constitution essentially allowed the control of the federal government to rest in the hands of its citizens and no one else. They had a right to decide the quality of their federal government.

The checks and balances contained in the constitution insured that the development of the country was in the hands of the people rather than the federal government giving them control over their own destinies. Additionally the words held within the constitution lend themselves more to ambiguity rather than clarity thus creating the need for interpretation on the part of the reader. In the end this document written more than 200 years ago is the founding principle which has shaped America as it is today.

It can be seen that the constitution was merely an extension of the original articles of the confederation. The creation of the constitution not only heralded in a new way system of government that would endure for centuries. But also created one where people could shape the country as they saw fit.

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