Thesis: United States History

Sample Thesis Paper

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 produced a radical new document and plan of Government for the United States. Describe the layout of this government and how it was an improvement over the Articles of Confederation. Also describe the various plans introduced to the Convention, issues of contention, and the compromises reached that put the document up for ratification by the States. Were there any issues that came up during Ratification? If so, what were they and how were they resolved?

The ratification of the Articles of the confederation was an essential response by the thirteen colonies after the branding of congress as traitors by the British Monarchy. However, the creation of this document limited the powers of the central government. The debt that was accumulated by the colonies during the American Revolutionary war could not be paid off because some states refused to pay war taxes and since the central government had no right to regulate trade and levy taxes on the states. There was no president and no central court to settle judicial matters, the states acted as their own judicial authority to enforce laws and legislation.

The increasing restlessness among the population necessitated the need for an amendment to the articles. Eventually the decisions to amend the articles lead to the creation of the constitution. Most of the issues were settled very quickly, however others such as slavery, representation of people in congress, powers of the presidents and procedures for election to office and powers and functions of the federal courts were under great debate (Encarta).

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