Thesis: Upgrading Employee Selection Procedures

Sample Thesis Paper

Another aspect that is highly important and should be considered when selecting the selection method is to ensure that the method is statistically reliable (Chmiel 2000). In this regard, the method has to be one that does not adhere to random variation and is consistent in its approach towards the analysis of the applicants/candidates.

Similarly, an aspect that modern day organizations have begun considering as a highly important one in the selection of the recruitment methods is the cost that the application of the method will add to the organizations’ expenses. This is because of the fact that costs have to be balanced out with the degree of efficiency of the selected methods (Chmiel 2000). The organization therefore has to do its level best to acquire a balance between the cost incurred from the application of the selected recruitment, the efficiency and the efficacy of the test

Organizations commonly make use of interviews and application forms to carry out their selections and their recruitments. It is not uncommon to find a selection method in play that makes use of these basic instruments along with sophisticated modern day recruitment methods (Chmiel 2000). This is because of the fact that the employers feel comfortable with methods that they are accustomed to and it is therefore important to realize the significance of maintaining a balance between the established norms and the need for the upgrading of selection procedures with time. The failure to upgrade the selection procedure can result in a relative decrease in the face validity of the test over time.

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