Thesis: Usage of performance enhancing drugs in America

Sample Thesis Paper

A number of issues have arisen regarding the American spirit of winning and constant excellence and the usage of sports performance enhancement drugs in sports (Tufts, 2002). The different research papers written with regard to the usage of lean mass builders, body stimulants, sedative drugs, diuretics other performance enhancement drugs have indicated the drugs normally enhances better performance even though the side effects are always grave.

Athletes sometimes use their own blood in order to ensure better performance through stimulation of body muscles. Youths in America, according to research, normally opt to using dangerous drugs whenever they realize that the always need to win and continue to dominate other world sports men. The American dream of being an example to others always motivate the young people to do anything possible in order to ensure that they constantly excel in the sporting activity. The continued sophistication in the emerging usage of drugs has made it very difficult to detect the extent to which youths in America continue to use drugs in their lives (Liviu, Shirani, et al, 1996, pp.90-204).

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