Thesis: End User Training

Sample Thesis Paper

There is no evidence of training activity in the case studies of Companies AEI and BEI because of their position in the pre-implementation stage of their respective projects. However, Company CEI presents some considerable amount of evidence about the importance of training and some of the issues which they faced while carrying out the activity.

The main goal for training in Company CEI was to ensure that the stakeholders were able to use the new systems and to achieve the immediate business benefits, which they had planned before. The training was provided by the vendor consultants who were supported by local consultants. The different end-users who received specific module training included the field sales staff, customers and the showroom sales staff. The internal sales staff were given training in customer management skills to enable them to optimise their customer service levels. One of the strategy used by the company while dealing with field sales staff, was to make them trainers so that they  troubleshoot the technical problems which the customers might face.

The main training issues which were reported in the case study of Company CEI were that of the language challenges, especially when training was provided to the international customers. The solution to this problem was partly solved by bringing in a senior manager i.e accounts manager to help the team. There was also a decision to localise the system in order to ensure a smooth rolling with less difficulties.

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