Thesis: Users of Heroin

Sample Thesis Paper

The majority of users of Heroin are older in age, though there is increasing number of younger user under 30 years of age who are increasing demand as well. Most of these younger users are from sub urban areas and gain access to the drug in the inner city. Not only do these young users indulge in heroin they also buy synthetic opiates such as Diluadid which is referred to as hospital heroin on the streets. With the increasing risk of HIV to Heroin users many of them have taken to inhalation as a preferable practice. This inhalation protects the users from one of the major risk factors of heroin use which is transmission through shared needles. In fact a new method of delivery has been created in the form of Glassine envelopes. These envelopes contain heroin which can be used and immediately allows the container to be disposed on site. It is also falsely believed by users that the use of inhalation techniques rather than injection will prevent addiction from occurring in these individuals. Users who prefer to inject do so by cooking up their purchases which increases its potency (Brown).

Though Heroin is predominantly white in color, there is another form known as Black Tar Heroin. It is called as such due to its predominantly black color. Its black color and characteristic gummy properties also prevent users from inhaling this version. However, there have been drug suppliers who have managed to implement it into a nasal spray for those users who prefer inhalation to injection (Brown). Another version of Heroin which appeared briefly in 1997 was a strand known as Brown Heroin. However, the life of this Heroin and its users was short lived as they found that within a few days users would experience problems in their respiratory and central nervous systems (Sant).

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