Thesis: Validity Establishment of the research Methods

Sample Thesis Paper

In order for the researcher to ensure that all the research methods used were valid, a number of processes were used. Questionnaires and interview questions used were properly formulated and critically analyzed in order to ensure that more reliable research findings were used.

The sample population used was also properly identified in order to ensure lack of biasness or obvious inadequacies in the information collected. Before being put to analysis and design in order to come up with the final research findings and recommendations, the researcher ensured that only reliable information was used based on the standards and criteria that had previously been set.

In situations where some research methods such as administration of questionnaires seemed unsuitable to use in the research study, other options such as interviews and library study were used. This was important in ensuring that the final research findings, to a greater extend, reflected the actual leadership issues that pertains to women.

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