Thesis: Variety of Cultural differences in Modern Times

Sample Thesis Paper

There is probably variety of cultural differences in today’s modern times that tends to prevail in the global era which considerably brings about intense conflict towards the growth of a respective country concerning the distinct facts related to their cultural norms. Familiarly, it has been observed through the study about the cultural diversity that the variety of cultural assembly identifies each other not as the intimidating to one another but normally equates each other as strangers and unique, whereas the discrepancies arises from the lack of understanding the differences in the cultural groups that directs towards the weakened driving force in association with the experienced justifications headed for the individuals of non-related assembly in the society.

Henceforth, there are variety of determinants associated with the cultural diversity through which a single determinant identified as whether the influenced assistant views another individual as essential as identical or unique in relation with the individual him/her self including the perspective of distinct customs, morals, state of affairs and numerous other aspects of uniqueness aroused considering the cultural diversity.  Such that the racial differences among the white and black people have been observed since the memorial a time where white individuals tends to dominate and suppresses their black counterparts. For example, white individuals do not keenly assist black members when the whites are being compared in relation to their black counterparts. Hence, the historical facts in contrast with the psychological truth have proven that the whites are relatively interested to help the other whites and they seem black people of low status.  This study of racial difference intensely adopted among whites is curious, the reason articulates that it identifies through a single stage those individuals are being responsible for the standards as an alike behavior without catering the racial differences in the identical society, primarily shows that they actually possess awful sense of rights and wrongs towards the differences among the racial or cultural facts. (Parijs, 26, 2003)

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