Thesis: Venezuela as the Most Urbanized Republics in South America

Venezuela has twenty-three sates and is a federal republic with the capital in Caracas. In addition, it has other autonomous Federal Dependencies, which cover islands located in the shores of the country.

Venezuela is among the most urbanized republics in South America with most of its citizens living in cities (Kelly & Palma, 2006). The poor citizens of Venezuela live in shanties that are tin roofed. These people offer Chavez most of his support since they see him as a hero who fights for the betterment of their rights. The president in 1999 during the tenth anniversary of the Caracazo massacre organized soldiers to sell food at low prices and give free medical care to the people. These and several other gestures have increased the popularity of Chavez among the poor (Wilpert, 2007, p. 24).

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