Thesis: New Venture Opportunities

Sample Thesis Paper

Through the analysis of the industry where is Steve was previously operating in, it has been observed that he has the following options pertaining to starting a new business venture.

1. Shut down the retail bookselling business and launch and online retail option for new and used books.

2. Start a business in another field

3. Sell his business to the large retailers and competitors in the market and invest the money in buying shares of the other successful companies

Of the above mentioned business options available to Steve, the first option pertaining to the commencement of an online bookstore business by Steve is the most profitable in the long term as it if strategy invested in, the business can compete with the large scale book retailers in the market while overcoming the barriers of entry presented by the likes of Angus & Robertson and Dymocks. Another reason as to why this option has been chosen is because of the experience that Steve has in the book retail market and the contacts that he has established over the period which can facilitate his establishment and operation of the online book retail business.

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