Thesis: Video Gaming, Criminal Justice and Inequality

Sample Thesis Paper

Since historical times, Reiner (2006: 63) ascertains that video gaming has always been dominated by male characters. In his analysis of the covers of video games, he found out that 89 percent of the covers had male characters. Male domination has also been manifested through the enhancement of male oriented themes such as violence and war. In his widespread research in London Stores, Olfman (2009:54) found out that almost all of the themes presented by the video were male oriented.

Further, he ascertained that that only six percent of the analyzed video games had themes that could be considered feminine. The marketing department of this industry ascertains this by indicating that females fear violence and therefore such themes are mostly designed for male gamers. Moreover, Cassel and Jenkins (1998: 65) show that most of the video games have male characters in dominant position. In cases where females are employed in the same, they usually assume subordinate roles. In these, they depend upon the protection of males for survival. Further, Barlet and Harris (2008: 43) note that even in instances where females are incorporated in the games, males often assume heroic positions.

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