Thesis: View on the European Criminal Justice System

Sample Thesis Paper

The year 2010 was another touring year for me. This time I happened to touch the European Union soil for the first time in my life as a scholar. This marked the onset of turning in academic events, which on my opinion were mostly Arabic or in other words in Islam style. Being a young scholar interested in knowing much about the judicial procedures of the region, I decided to focus my attention to the criminal justice law applied in the European region. Despite the fact that these laws are not similar for all countries in this region, many practices are more or less similar (Malcolm et al, 1995, p. 77). Therefore, I assumed that at the end of it all, I could get a clear picture.

Being on the streets on an early chilly morning was an experience I will never forget. As opposed to my country where we could sweat even in the morning because of the hot desert sun, this place  was very cold. As I moved around, I happened to bump into this incident where two young men were on a robbery mission. However, the police happened to be trailing them for sometime. It was too unfortunate for them as they were arrested in public. This incident was extraordinary for me in the way the police handled them. What captured me most was the way the officers introduced themselves briefly followed by handcuffing and eventually request to accept arrest. This was very different to the way this happened at my country of birth, which is a Muslim dominated. I discovered people here have the right to be handled well whenever being arrested. This is very different to my country where  one is roughed up without any information about the arrest. This really surprised me leading to a very inquisitive mission into the criminal justice system of this country.

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