Thesis: View on the Islamic Criminal Justice System

Sample Thesis Paper

The Middle East is a region that many people would like to visit at least once in a lifetime. This region is one among the most developed in the world due to its vast oil deposits and wealth in the world. It has some of the most attractive tourist sites and some of the most expensive hotels. People in this region usually speak Arabic languages but the current linguistic mingling has synthesized a cocktail of languages.

In the year 2009, I happened to visit this region and the specific place I choose was a Muslim dominated one. One sticking feature  I met at first is the mode of dressing of the women in this place, a covered face and a fully covered body from tip to the toe. I was told that law enforced the style of clothing. Quran, which is the only acceptable religious book in this place, has criminalized exposure of women’s body and anybody found guilty of breaking this law is liable to a punishment (Crystal, 2001, P. 462).

The police in this place are on the look for criminal everywhere and ensure law and order are maintained. In the streets, I witnessed several arrest of people suspected of criminal activities. The police came and picked an individual without asking any questions but in a rather quiet fashion. Anybody who seemed to resist arrest could be hurled into a waiting vehicle after hand cuffing that was the first undertaking. Then the vehicle which had a police registration number would drive off. This incident aroused my curiosity to learn how the criminal justice system works in this place. I planned to visit a local court to find out what happens.

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