Thesis: The Virtual Components of the Value Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

Modern day businesses are increasingly integrating the benefits of virtual operations into their processes. This is because doing so allows them to save costs in communicating across distances and engaging in business operations with an uncompromised efficiency. It is because of this reason that it would be inadequate to present a discussion on the intricacies of value chain implementation in the context of the organization without shedding light on the subject with respect to the virtual value chain as it is present in the modern day organization.

Examples of the degree to which the value chain has become virtual can be seen in the cases of banks that provide customer services around the clock through automated telling machines, ticket reservation websites that cover every possible area that one can expect to have covered if he/she goes to a travel agent and restaurants that no longer rely on waiters to take orders but invite consumers to use touch screen technology to enter in their orders. These are only a few of the more prominent examples of how modern day business has become increasingly reliant on virtual operations in its functioning.

Modern day businesses are relying increasingly on the intangible resource of information. In making use of this intangible resource, businesses have made use of the intangibility of information to their advantage. This has given way to a much more effective and efficient way of doing business that is influenced considerably by the transmission and sharing of information. Because of this fact, business cannot expect to function adequately now unless they address the virtual components of their value chains as well. The difference between the virtual and the otherwise tangible components of the value chain should be realized in order to achieve this objective.

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