Thesis: Virtual enterprise

Sample Thesis Paper

The recent subsequent economic meltdowns have resulted into very harsh conditions in the world of doing business (Mickey, p. 1). At the end of the course, I expect to come up with a very close understanding of the processes involved in establishing new enterprises. Sources of information are very important and therefore I expect the course to equip me with the relevant skills of how to get information on business ventures in the current economic condition.

Many new enterprises have fallen before their first anniversary (Mickey, p.1). Many have associated these failures to individual conduct in business matters. However, this notion is not necessarily true in the current economical environments. Due to limited employment, emotional stress is prevalent resulting into a very sharp focus on getting into business. This is not a good reason why I should get into it but I would rather develop an entrepreneurial brain that will enable me understand why I am in business and not necessarily to avoid stress.

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