Thesis: Virtual enterprises-best lending institutions

Sample Thesis Paper

I target to know the best available lending institution where I can obtain start up capital. This is a problem for many young entrepreneurs thus resulting in fatalities with their businesses. Clear mind about the prevailing market conditions enables one to estimate the expense estimates of the intended business (Eilene, p.1). Factors such as competition, demand, legal requirements, taxes, insurance, and other overhead costs are very necessary in determining the first direction of a business (Eilene, p.1). Therefore, I would kike to have gained enough skills in handling these key parameters for business success.

The status of economy calls for a very resilient individual always willing to come back with another try (Hannah, p 1). This fact is supported by the fact that many enterprises have capsized on owners realizing that they are facing total collapse of their businesses. The ever-changing economic conditions necessitate this character as anything unpredictable may happen (Hannah, p.1). Therefore, good psychological preparation is important to gain at the end of this course.

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