Thesis: Virtual enterprises-economic crisis

Sample Thesis Paper

Basing on the economic crisis already experienced, it is again clear that when establishing a new business venture, one should avoid an already crowded field (Eilene, p.1) This is to mitigate on the aggressive competition in that field thus giving a business a higher chance o surviving. Therefore a broadened scope of thinking is advantageous thus one my desirable accomplishments at the end of the course.

In choosing business partners, a young entrepreneur is advised to side with the strongest among the possible ones. This because some new business establishments have fallen prey to the current economical conditions due to collapse of one or both partners in the business (Eilene, p.1). Plummeting stock markets are some of the most toxic economic down turns affecting capital investments of many companies and thus a less vulnerable partner is a precious asset.

Many businesses have reported worker lay offs. This is because they cannot cope with the economic effects on their businesses (Hannah, p. 1). It will therefore be ill advised to venture in businesses that require a big task force. Identifying such eventualities will help one avoid closures of young businesses. A small taskforce means less spending in terms of salaries and other remunerations to works hence giving the business an advantage and a chance to go far than five years (Mickey, p. 1).

The prevailing political environment also affects economic patterns and therefore it will be of greater benefit if one chooses to initiate an investment mission when the political environment is less turbulent (Hannah, p. 2). This shield against any possible economic outcomes related to political stability.

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