Thesis: Walker’s Cycle Theory of Domestic Violence

Sample Thesis Paper

When attempting to acquire an understanding of domestic violence through the perspective of social [psychology, one theory that is often referred to as is the Walker’s Cycle Theory. The reason because of which this theory is given a high degree of relevance is because it not only considers domestic violence to be a cyclic process but also considers domestic violence as a collection of stages and phases (Jenkins & Davidson, 2001). The first phase in this regard is the tension-building stage during which the causes and reasons for the development of tension come together to collectively generate frustration and stress across relationship members.

The second stage comes as a result of the conclusion of the first stage in which the built tension finally causes the actual action of violence to occur in the domestic setting. At this point the victim is subjected to violence after which the third stage takes place. The second stage is also referred to as the trigger (Jenkins & Davidson, 2001). In the third stage, which is also referred to as the honey moon stage,  the cycle comes to a point where it completes and causes the victim to remain within the relationship in which he/she was subjected to the acts of domestic violence. The third stage is perhaps the most crucial of the cyclic process since it not only gives the model a cyclic approach but also serves to raise a question that has merited extensive research in the past and is still one of the primary issues dealt with by domestic violence aid provision organizations: Why does a victim of domestic violence choose to remain within a relationship in which the victim has experienced domestic violence? This question is often referred to as Walker’s Syndrome (Jenkins & Davidson, 2001). According to Walker’s perception and suggested answer to the syndrome, a victim of domestic violence is generally placed in a position where the perceptions of the battered victim hold him/her hostage to the scenario.

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