Thesis: War on Drugs

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to curb the use of both alcohol and drugs the government of course had to put funding into programs which would specially enforce these laws. Putting increasing amounts of taxpayer money to solve what was essentially an insurmountable problem. This is due to the fact that before the proposed illegality of these substances the manufacture and sale of them was restricted to certain individuals. The supply and demand was low. After the laws were passed the interest in obtaining them increased to a level where the general public became involved in the sale and manufacture of these substances. Thus forming the terms crack dealer and bootlegger. Although the eventual legalization of alcohol during the great depression created a new tax revenue for the United States, the war on drugs is still a financial black hole which has consume billions of the American dollars.

Additionally, the passing of both laws has created an opening for organized crime syndicates to operate within the United States. Although such organizations existed even before the 1920s, the passing of prohibition laws created an opportunity for them to supply the American public with cheap merchandise that would that would sustain their presence in the American community for years to come. Again with the passing of the twenty first amendment such gangs lost a huge source of income, the war on drugs however has created a new opportunity for them to gain a foothold in our communities again.

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