Thesis: Ways of Expressing Prejudice

Sample Thesis Paper

There are two ways in which people can express their prejudice towards other. It can either be direct and open or covert and subtle. Not only does this form of discrimination affect the target of the prejudice but it also affects the people who hold the prejudice as well. The more prejudiced a person is the more negative he becomes. The more his thoughts will focus on concepts such as disgust, distrust, bitterness and loathing. This will increase to a point where the individual will stop seeing the world around him for what it is and begin judging and comparing everything, categorizing it into hierarchies.

This is especially true of Nazism in the Second World War which resulted in the near Genocide of an entire race based on the concept of purity. In this way they over categorized an entire race of individuals and nearly hunted them to extinction.

If we as individuals see others as less or if we think poorly of them we are in fact denying them the same treatment as ourselves. Over categorization of individuals in a world where people cling to simplicity fuels misconceptions and turns beliefs which are flawed at best into facts. In the end it makes those who are discriminated against feel inferior. It creates stereotypes for them which assign instantly recognizable traits. These traits in turn affects the social judgments we make about other people and in turn stalls any hope of true understanding being found between people.

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