Thesis: Weaknesses in the Continental Army

Sample Thesis Paper

We can also see from Royster’s portrayal of the scenario that the weaknesses that were present in the army did indeed show their effect in the later stages of the war as well as after the war, yet the very reason because of which the Continental Army had been established remained strong and the men who enlisted in the Continental Army served their purpose well.

Needless to say, the Continental Army suffered through a high loss count in its initial stages, but as it fought on through battle after grueling battle, the men learned how to use their knowledge of the land to their advantage. The Siege of Boston, the Battle of Long Island, the Battle of Trenton, the Battle of Princeton, the Battle of Brandywine, the Battle of Germantown, the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of Monmouth, the Siege of Charleston, the Battle of Camden, the Battle of Cowpens, the Battle of Guilford Court House and the Siege of Yorktown were only but a few examples of the hardships that the men of the Continental Army faced and the valor with which they fought.

Royster’s portrayal of the scenario present in the American Revolution through the American Revolutionary War is quite similar to the one that we find in Richard Brown’s Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, in which Brown has brought forth a collection of essays and documents to describe how and why the great American Revolution took place (Brown 1991).

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