Thesis: Use of Web-Quests in enhancing learning in EFL classes

Sample Thesis Paper

This tool is computer based and therefore internet dependent. It has been used in many countries in boosting integration of citizens of such countries with the rest of the world. This facility enables students to learn English in the most comfortable and effective ways such as strengthening their writing abilities by providing simpler writing instruction procedures that enhance learning (Deutsch, 2009). It has been used in several parts of the world for several years now. However, developing countries have found it more useful as they are mainly composed of those nations in non-English speaking regions like Asia, South America and the Arab world.

A study carried out in Taiwan in 2007 revealed a lot of power that technology can bring into EFL classes. A sample two groups of students from a local college was selected and tested using Web Quests writing instruction (WQWI) as a tool of EFL enhancing teaching and learning. Both traditional and modern methods of giving instructions were used for the two groups with each using one of the methods. Results revealed massive potential behind the technology in enhancing teaching and learning of English. Students that used WQWI program showed a significant growth of their writing performance compared to those that used traditional mode of instruction (Yamauchi, 2009. P. 25). There was also a drop in writing apprehension in students who used Web-Quests. WQWI program also receive a positive perception from students when compared to older ways. Therefore, integrating web resources such as Web-Quests in EFL classes is effective in enhancing writing performance since constructive learning experiences are established very easily. This program has also been used in creating web-based presentations such as slides that are electronically mobilized thus they can further be utilized for better purpose of teaching English.

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