Thesis: Women, Crime and Criminology

Sample Thesis Paper

Judging by the trends in the behavior found in Aileen, one cannot help but feel that if Aileen was to be considered for her multiple crimes of murder, then it is necessary to consider the fact that the trigger that caused Aileen to commit her life to consecutive crime was a crime in the first place.  Of course the fact that Aileen chose to carry on with the same path by becoming a serial killer, but being subjected to the crime was the trigger that set her off on her killing spree to begin with. Hence, we can conclude that theories such as the ones presented by Thomas and Pollack indeed do hold true.

These theorists suggest that the element of aggression that induces the instigation of performing a crime is not present in the person through biological reasons but implanted, developed and promoted by social instigators. An example of this fact can be observed in the statement given by Thomas as quoted by Carol Smart in Women, Crime and Criminology: A Feminist Critique when she quotes Thomas to say: the girl as a child does not know she has any particular value until she learns it from others (Smart p. 43). As can be observed in the case of Aileen, she had been exposed to degrees of harshness that served to shape her frame of mind as she aged into a woman. Hence, the evolving into a criminological frame of mind can be concluded to be a pathological process. In this particular frame of reference, it would be unjustified to consider Aileen’s actions to be one’s that she took based completely on her free will. Even if we consider her actions to have been guided by her own individual thought process, we cannot ignore the fact that her frame of mind had been brought to its current standing primarily because of societal factors that were beyond her control to a significant degree.

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