Thesis: How Women Feel About Their Work

Sample Thesis Paper

A comprehensive research study requires a concrete research problem. In Sayre and Silverstein (2009), the researchers aimed at understanding how women feel about their work and lives and how they were served by businesses. Even though the stated research problem detailed indicated the appropriate form of research methodology to be used it did not indicate the overall subject of the study.

Walliman (2006, p.67) argue that hypotheses used in constructing the research problem should emerge from logical deductions from a background research of the topic. However, the article does not use ample background research as no literature review is evident in the study. In addition, while the study is keen to address the fact that women dominate today’s market the research problem does not draw a connection to this fact. The research problem guides one into conceptualizing the appropriate form of research methodology and as the article progresses it is evident that qualitative methods were most appropriate.

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