Thesis: Works of Ayeshal Al Muqla

Sample Thesis Paper

In light of the fact that she has a degree in political studies, it would not be a surprise if more of her movies in the future were to be based on scenarios where a certain degree of political upheaval and contrast was present and the central message was being communicated through a series of events that took place in the same scenario in a manner such that the audience was invited to derive the central message of the movie through the contrast. It would therefore be safe to presume that Ayesha Al Muqla’s movies are ones that the audience has to read between the lines in order to understand completely. Also, this leads us to the fact that Ayesha Al Muqla’s creations are ones that are designed to appeal to the intellectually aware rather than for mere entertainment purposes.

The few but unique works of Ayesha Al Muqla can be seen as proof of the fact that Ayesha Al Muqla chooses to put her hand into works that are designed to inspire thought and to instill a sense of consciousness in the audience regarding the events that are occurring around the audience. Also, if one was to go through the posters for the movie The Cork, it is more than apparent that a fresh mind has now taken step into the realm of movie creation and quite a bit of productive work can be expected from this new mind in the future. The very introductory poster is proof of the fact that Ayesha Al Muqla chooses to give her movies an appeal and a touch that differs from generally created works of motion picture. Her works are designed to do more than simply entertain the audience but are designed to communicate a message that holds meaning beyond the perimeters of any singular and individual society. Rather, judging by her works such as The Awakening and The Cork it would be safe to conclude that Ayesha Al Muqla’s works are designed to communicate messages on a much wider and broader scale. Her movies are not designed to appeal to any specific audience, but to any member of the international community who wishes to become aware of the numerous intricacies that surround them.

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