Thesis: Workstation Design and Lighting

Sample Thesis Paper

This paper shall present ergonomics analysis of a computer workstation present in the office of a real estate agency. The computer workstation shall therefore be analyzed in terms of the equipment available, the attempts at optimizing the use of the equipment as well as the manner in which the interaction between the equipment and the user is carried out.

It was observed that the computer workstation constituted of a desktop placed on a longitudinal table alongside a wall (Hedge, 2009). The computer in question was a laptop, thereby creating the problem of the distance between the monitor and eyes of the user, and keyboard and users position. However it was observed that the company had provided employees with the facility to plug in an external monitor if they required. The desk was chest height, hence causing the arms to be lifted up above the 90 degree angle to reach the keyboard while bringing the laptop’s monitor of the laptop to a few inches under preferred height.

The seat provided with the workstation was of an adjustable nature which was adequate since numerous people used the workstation during the day. It allowed adjustment of the lower body to ensure that the thighs were parallel to the floor and the feet were in contact with the ground (Hedge, 2009). There was a complete absence of armrests in the desk and the armrests of the chair did little more than obstruct the raising of the chair above desk height.

The workstation could have used a little more lighting. The room had no windows and almost no reflective surfaces, thereby eliminating glare altogether (Hedge, 2009). The computer screen had little or no glare spots and the illumination was being performed through lighting fixtures fitted indirectly. The little glare that came was from the absence of parabolic filters on the overhead lights. It was also observed that there were no adjustable lights present in the room.

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