Thesis: Causes of World War I

Sample Thesis Paper

To date, there have been two instances in which the entire race of man has chosen to engage in battle. The first time this happened was in 1914 (Historyonthenet, 2010); the war that is commonly referred to as the First World War. While an analysis of World War II may be one that is fairly clear and in which the antagonists are clearly visible, World War I is one that is relatively complicated when considering it to conclude upon its consequences. However, the causes are well within the grasp of deductive reasoning.
This paper shall attempt to present a discussion on the causes of World War I and the incidents that led to the eventual outbreak of the war. The paper will also attempt to highlight the factors that contributed to the ensuing First World War.
The initial stages of what eventually became the First World War can be traced to the German invasion of Belgium in the autumn of 1914. The invasion was one that almost immediately pulled Britain into the battlefield on account of Britain’s promise with Belgium to protect it. However, this invasion was only an implication of a long series of events that had taken place in the past (Historyonthenet, 2010).

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