Thesis: Yamaha’s Competitive Relevance with Harley Davidson

Sample Thesis Paper


The Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japan based company with a human capital of over 14,200 and operations in Asia, America, North America, Japan and Europe. It manufactures and sells motorcycles such as those made for super sport, street, cruiser, off-road, motocross and dual purpose motorcycles amongst others (Data Monitor, 2010). Much like Honda, Suzuki has thrived on account of its strong Research & Development department. Suzuki holds a strong foothold in the Asian market with its economy class products designed for developing and underdeveloped economies in particular.


Japan based Yamaha Motor operates in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania with a human capital of over 49,700 (Yahoo! Finance, 2010). Under its motorcycle segment, Yamaha Motor carries out manufacturing and sales activities for scooters, trail bikes, motor crossers, road racers, sports bikes and electro hybrid cycles amongst others. The company was founded in the mid 1950s and has since then grown into numerous industries including engines, unmanned helicopters, swimming pools, fishing boats and snow mobiles amongst many others. Yamaha Motor, when considered for its competitive relevance with regard to Harley Davidson, Yamaha Motor represents a strong competitive force as a supplier of parts to other automotive manufacturers in the industry.

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