Thesis: New Year Superstition in China; Narration

Sample Thesis Paper

Of course, once New Year’s Day was over, all those that had failed in keeping the house clean could be taken to task and had to work extra hard in the second round of cleaning, which involved sweeping of all the floors.  However, instead of sweeping dust outside the house, it had to be swept inward towards the middle.

By starting at the doorstep, we were required to sweep inwards towards the centre of the parlor.  Once all dust and rubbish had been hence collected, it was carefully placed in different corners of the house for the next five days and no one was allowed to step on it during that time.  This was done to make sure that any good luck still lying around was not accidentally thrown out or trampled upon. 

My mother also believed that if we mistakenly end up sweeping the dust out over the front entrance, then one of the family members will be swept away by death as well.  It was only after the fifth day that the dirt and rubbish hence collected and carefully placed around the house could be taken out, but even then we were only allowed to carefully take it out through the backdoor.  However, once in the United States, the use of vacuum cleaner on New Year’s Day did present an interesting logistical challenge for quite some time!

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