Tourism- benefits and drawbacks

As the world has advanced in technology and communication, the traveling to different distant destinations has also become possible now. This advancement has significantly increased the international tourism. People from different parts of the world are keen to travel to most beautiful tourists destinations to find pleasure and business. The travel industry not only benefits an individual it also booms the economy of the nation. However, beside innumerable advantages of tourism, there have been many debates over its disadvantages.

The most important benefit of international tourism is related to the economic stability of the touring destination.

Many developing countries are focusing on their tourism factor to uplift their socio-economic status. Thailand and Egypt are on the top of the list of those nations who have gained economic success majorly because of their tourism sector.

Those nations, which are considered as best tourism destinations, mostly depend on their hospitality sector for their economic growth.


The increased number of incoming tourist brings greater chances of employments and local entrepreneurship. Moreover, foreign investors are also keen to invest for developing better infrastructure in touring destination. This is also associated with the circulation of foreign money and introduction of new and better technologies in the nation.  Apart from that, the local government enforces stern laws to discourage crimes and to provide a safe and friendly environment to the incoming tourists.  Government of such nations also focuses on their transportation and health care sector, so that their guests will have a better environment; as a result of this, the local population also get the privilege to experience a better life style.

Tourism also brings people of different regions closer to each other.  It is a better way to understand different cultures of the world. Touring destinations exhibits their native culture by means of different cultural festivals.

Apart from all above-mentioned advantages of international tourism, there are many noticeable disadvantages.  The increased rate of antisocial activities in touring destinations is indeed undeniable. The increased rate of crimes, smuggling of endangered species, human-trafficking, prostitutions, drugs smuggling is associated with the increased rate of tourism. It also promotes modern culture which is actually the destruction of native culture. It tarnishes the native culture and renders it into a superficial culture only.

Conclusively, it can be said that tourism and growth in tourism sector have different positive impacts on the economical and social sector of a particular nation, but it negative impacts cannot be ignored. However, government of such countries could enforce strict laws to control illegal activities for the safety of international visitors as well as of local population.