Travelling and Its Significance

In this face-paced world, everyone is working like a clog of a huge machine, trying to play his or her part and earn for living. The lives of people in this fast moving world have become more or less static. It keeps of repeating the same chapter. Travelling is an activity which act as a turning page in the life. The travelers enjoy the escape from their hectic and monotonous lives. It escalates one’s knowledge and strengthens one’s health.

Travelling is not a mere movement from one place to another. It has great informational and educational significance. When one travels to another place, he/she learns the diversity of life. It is a fact that in this tech- world we can acquire knowledge about anything and any place just by sitting at home an accessing internet. However, the knowledge acquired by such means is just theoretical and remote. Travelling gives chance to practically learn different cultures, different languages, and different geographical aspects of different places.

It not only has informative value, travelling also has special social importance. When one travels to another place, he/she meet different people having different traditions and culture. By traveling, one shatters the imaginary boundaries of the world and meets people beyond his/her boundaries. Travelling dissolves the breach between people of different nations and cultures. Traveling also helps in eradicating the set stereotypes about particulate nation or culture taught by the media. The reality is way beyond what media show us, therefore to acquire true knowledge one must travel.

Apart from informative and social values, traveling also has great benefits for the health of the traveler. Many physician and psychiatrics often suggest travelling for the betterment of health. The change of environment often has positive effects on the health. Travelling is also a great solution for the reduction of the depression. Traveler experiences beautiful places with luscious green scenery, cool water streams, silence of the hills, pleasant air, serene valleys and much more. These experiences help in the improvement of the health of the traveler.

Thus, travelling is a great activity, which provides a person an escape form the boredom of everyday life. It widens up the mental and physical ability of the traveler. By traveling, we can learn that the world is a kaleidoscope containing different color peoples and cultures. Traveling gives chance to connect to different people personally and to learn their way of living. One must travel as it has great social, educational, informative significance.