Essay: Guns, Germs and Steel

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The author Jared Diamond in the book Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies writes that the alternative title for his book would probably be a short history about everyone for the last 13,000 years. This topic will explain the author’s main argument as well as cite a passage where he states his points clearly. We will also give two proximate and two ultimate factors to support his claims, ending with an evaluation of his main argument.

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Essay: Flaws in the Science Fiction Genre

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If there is one flaw in the genre, it is that with the increased sophistication shown by movie going audiences around the world making such films today with a limited budget is extremely difficult and more than unlikely. The previously mentioned film District 9 had a budget of 30 million dollars; though it is true the film was heavy in effects and according to the results, used the money quite wisely (Lee). The costs of making such films today have become astronomical and do not provide openings for every filmmaker. Additionally, due to the change in audience taste Science fiction films are not as popular as they once were. Gone are the days of Star Wars when special effects could keep movie goers in their seats. It takes a lot more to keep today’s movie goers in their seats and entertained.

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Thesis: Differences between Religion and Storytelling

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Before we speak of the differences between religion and storytelling it is important to know what they both are. Firstly religion is orderly approach to understanding and experiencing human spirituality. Its beliefs and practices are structured in order to give meaning and transcendence to those who follow it. While storytelling is the use of words, sounds and images to convey a narrative.

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Essay: Life of Pi by Yan Martel

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He chronicles his search for God. How he grew up a Hindu in a non-religious family but eventually found Christianity and then Islam. He speaks of how he saw all these religions as being equal and having no true difference between them. And how he religiously followed each one and when asked why he would not choose between them he would simply say I just wanted to love God. Through it all the author also interjects details about Mr. Patel’s life in the present how he see various religious items in his home and how he would have to suffer through spicy food because he did not want to offend the narrator.

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