Report on Strategic Planning Meeting

At the most recent strategic planning meeting, the board of directors of your company has voted to issue additional stock to raise capital for major expansions for the company in the next five years. The board is considering $5 million. Take the most recent financial statements and prepare a set of projected financial statements based on the given assumptions. The CEO requests that you prepare a written report (including the financial statements) for her.

Report on Donald Trump Publicizes Muslim Ban in Opening Ads

The expected Republican president Donald Trump is making the most disruptive proposals of his first campaigns on a Television adjust as the party is already in an unsettling position for the nomination for their security concerns. The billionaire businessman comes in a spotlight when the year’s primary contests are just a few weeks away as the he plans to ban Muslim immigration with major actions to be taken. Despite his seriousness and grossness in what he claims to follow, both the republicans and the democrats seem to dislike his troublesome decisions, however, he seems to have a major lead in the white republican electorate. Continue reading “Report on Donald Trump Publicizes Muslim Ban in Opening Ads”

Essay: Reasons for failing the report paper defense session

Do you know that only presenting the paper for defense session purposes does not mean that you can handle the questions of the jury members? It is very important that you know your paper inside out. Hence, when the paper has been written, make a list of key points and analyze them. You need to select the points around which the entire paper is revolving.

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