Descriptive Essay on Why should we promote peace?

Killings, rape, genocide, homicide, bomb blasts are getting common in today’s world. All these disasters are the extreme examples of where our society is leaning towards. However, we face everyday situations of hatred and evil done by the people around us. It is a societal imperative to encourage peace and harmony among people so that our future generations can benefit. UNESCO aims to promote world peace, human rights, equality and mutual respect.

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Thesis: Creating Environmental Standards

Sample Thesis Paper

There are also new guidelines that are being passed down from the government which are compiled under the Site Waste management plans. This template is geared towards creating environmental standards that go far beyond the regulations that exist in legislation in the realms of housing and civil construction projects. The template is in 14 steps and encompasses instructions that run from pre design to the final review after completion.

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Travelling and Its Significance

In this face-paced world, everyone is working like a clog of a huge machine, trying to play his or her part and earn for living. The lives of people in this fast moving world have become more or less static. It keeps of repeating the same chapter. Travelling is an activity which act as a turning page in the life. The travelers enjoy the escape from their hectic and monotonous lives. It escalates one’s knowledge and strengthens one’s health. Continue reading “Travelling and Its Significance”

Tourism- benefits and drawbacks

As the world has advanced in technology and communication, the traveling to different distant destinations has also become possible now. This advancement has significantly increased the international tourism. People from different parts of the world are keen to travel to most beautiful tourists destinations to find pleasure and business. The travel industry not only benefits an individual it also booms the economy of the nation. However, beside innumerable advantages of tourism, there have been many debates over its disadvantages. Continue reading “Tourism- benefits and drawbacks”