Tourism- benefits and drawbacks

As the world has advanced in technology and communication, the traveling to different distant destinations has also become possible now. This advancement has significantly increased the international tourism. People from different parts of the world are keen to travel to most beautiful tourists destinations to find pleasure and business. The travel industry not only benefits an individual it also booms the economy of the nation. However, beside innumerable advantages of tourism, there have been many debates over its disadvantages. Continue reading “Tourism- benefits and drawbacks”

Theories of international relations

There are different theories of international relations intended to explain how international system works. In our world, there are thousands of states, struggling to survive and thrive. Any state cannot thrive depending solely on its own resources. It has to connect with other international states so that it could overcome its weaknesses. Continue reading “Theories of international relations”

Thesis: The persistence of adverse global climate change

The persistence of this adverse global climate change is almost invariably attributable to the economic activities – mining, manufacturing – of combustible energy such as fossil fuels, which release toxic fumes, greenhouse emissions and dangerous atmospheric radiation. This in turn compromises the capacity of the ozone to filter harmful radiation.

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Thesis: Coastal Zone Monitoring

Sample Thesis Paper – Coastal Zone 

The coastal zone is a dynamic environment susceptible to change. Waves, storms and sea-level rise lead to coastal erosion that shapes landscapes. Human activities such as coastal engineering and pollution and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes also impact on this sensitive environment. We have so far reviewed literature on the processes causing shoreline changes and coastal erosion, trying to gain a better understanding of the complex nature of phenomena such as climate change, hurricanes, flooding, waves and wind intensity.

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