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On the other hand, the fact remains that the exact subject of the essay also has a great degree of importance in determining the length that the essay on that subject should span. If the subject is one that has not been researched into in recent years, then the length of the essay becomes a question of the level of the class and the average level of the students in relation with that subject. However, if the essay is on a subject that has undergone extensive research in the past and the research material on it is available readily and comfortably, then the opinion regarding whether or not the length of an essay should be limited to 1000 words may tend to swerve in the opposite direction.

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Length of an Effective Essay

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There is also the fact that different teachers possess differing concepts about the length that an effective essay should span. Some teachers may insist that it is essential for an essay to be long if it is to cover the relevant parts of a subject and is meant to do so concretely, while other teachers may be of the opinion that unless a student is capable of summarizing the essential aspects of a subject together, the student is still at a phase in the study of that subject where further study is required.

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Must an essay be 1000 words

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The question of whether or not it is advisable to make an essay comprise of one thousand words is one that is central to the contents of that essay. This is so because simply ranting on for a thousand words may not serve the purpose if the contents of the paper are completely indifferent to the main heading and subject of the essay. On the other hand, it seems difficult to comprehend or imagine a scenario where a writer can put together one thousand words into an essay and still swerve off the main idea of the essay. In other words, at one point or the other, the writer may either find himself/herself inclined to put relevant material into the essay or end up doing so without actually knowing it.

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Thesis: Phosphoresce bands in Blue Diamonds

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Boron is a Dopant which is an impurity in the carbon of this diamond. Dopants may contain more or less valence electrons than the semiconductor which allows the semiconductor to excite an electron to the band gap and cross the band gap respectively. Thus, in both cases less energy is required than a normal semiconductor for the electrons to get excited and emit their own particular band of light (Webexhibits 2009).

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