Essay on Importance of sports

Marinating a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is necessary for good health. Health is wealth. It is the greatest gift which is given by God to human beings. Think of people who are deprived of this gift. Staying healthy and fit is very beneficial for a person’s social and economic welfare. The best way to stay healthy is by doing some kind of exercise. Sports is a great way through which the mind and body stay active. It should be considered important as well, along with education and studies. Schools should encourage children’s participation in sports and other physical activities.

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Application Essays

All the competitive colleges around the globe consider the application essay as a good reflection of the candidate’s personality, hence a lot of importance placed upon the quality of the application essay. Sometimes, an application essay can be the thin line dividing success and failure. This is the reason why students are really concerned about how to go about their essays. Application essays really confuse students, at times. It is hard to decide what to write about, how to start and what to tell the admission officers.