Thesis: How and why the Roman Republic fell

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Over time, a large number of theories have been brought forth to explain the reason because of which the Roman Republic fell. This paper argues upon the hypothesis that the Roman Republic fell because had become weak and its political infrastructure had become frail.

Thesis: Implications of the Cuban Revolution

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It is commonly known that of the many implications of the Cuban revolution, the most profound was the one that pertained to the position of women in Cuba. Before the turn of events that led to the Cuban revolution in 1959, Cuban women were subjected to extensive stereotyping. Their relevance in the country was considered to be similar to that found in the underdeveloped societies of Latin America where division and discrimination based on gender is considered to be a part of the everyday lives of the people.

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Thesis Paper: Cuban Revolution

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As a result of the Cuban revolution, it became possible to carry out and establish a development system that would incorporate a level of consistency that could be trusted to yield productive results in the future. It has become safe to assume that Cuba shall experience an increase in stability and this increase in stability shall allow it to improve on numerous aspects of its social infrastructure.

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Essay: A Revolutionary People at War by Charles Royster

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By taking the reader through a chronological narration of the events that took place in the war, Royster elaborates upon the very ideology that fueled the actions of people who took part in the revolution. Royster takes the reader through the time when the Continental Army was evolving, to the time when it had become an effective fighting mechanism. Royster takes the reader through the intellectual mindsets that dictated the evolution and the route that the Continental Army took when adapting to the war front to which it had been exposed for the first time in the history of the colonies.