Thesis: How and why the Roman Republic fell

Sample Thesis Paper

Over time, a large number of theories have been brought forth to explain the reason because of which the Roman Republic fell. This paper argues upon the hypothesis that the Roman Republic fell because had become weak and its political infrastructure had become frail.

Thesis Paper: Cuban Revolution

Sample Thesis Paper – Cuban Revolution

As a result of the Cuban revolution, it became possible to carry out and establish a development system that would incorporate a level of consistency that could be trusted to yield productive results in the future. It has become safe to assume that Cuba shall experience an increase in stability and this increase in stability shall allow it to improve on numerous aspects of its social infrastructure.

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Thesis: History of Hydro Power

Sample Thesis Paper – Hydro Power

Civilizations have used hydro energy to perform tasks for thousands of years. One of the earliest recorded uses is by the Greeks nearly 2000 years ago who used water wheels to grind wheat into flour. It was also used in subsequent cultures extraction of ores in a method known as Hushing. The California Gold Rush evolved this method into that of hydraulic mining (U.S Department of Energy, 2008).

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Thesis: Georgia Colony

Sample Thesis Paper – Georgia Colony

A member of parliament known as James Oglethorpe established Georgia Colony in 1733 as a way to form a base against Florida which was occupied by Spain at the time.  It was established with strict moral laws which forbade slavery and alcohol along with other forms of immortal acts. Once these laws were rescinded the country went from poverty to prosperity. It consisted of people from varied religious backgrounds. Great Britain eventually won East and West Florida from the Spaniards in 1763 and returned it in 1783 when they left.

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