Thesis: Theoretical Approaches

The chapter that ensues represents a continuation of the theoretical approaches in the provision of services to people. Specifically, it involves the approaches that I ought to assume when managing a case. In relation to the case, the partially deaf mother and her daughter ought to have an environment that they feel that they are receiving assistance.

I have learnt that I need to establish an environment that is able to unearth the therapeutic characteristics of a client. I need to value the importance of non-verbal communication that the mother may be expressing. Besides, I should be able to exercise my listening skills and show empathy with the mother by offering encouragement and asking the appropriate questions that may increase the effectiveness of the session. Most important, I should enhance rapport and trust and be able to identify the actual problem. All the case management skills and practice that I will exercise ought to draw guidance from ethical standards set in the initial chapters and ultimately, the professional code of conduct (Nuekrag, 2012)

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