Thesis: Treatment Regimens

Treatment Regimens – This forms the basis of intervening, dealing with the needs, aiding in making decisions regarding aspects like treatment regimens and dealing with the patients personally. With such knowledge I would then embark on facilitating a plan of action for the patients and delivery of the treatment hence working as a team with the patients and their families.

For less ambiguity in communication with the patients in the case of bad news, a professional interpreter, like a specialized counselor could be brought in. it is necessary to gauge if the family clearly understands the disease, its cause and if it is terminal for those who are.

The family roles after the occurrence of such a disease in the family should also be part of this. I have learnt that the terminal patients are at time in denial and may even resort to suicidal thoughts. Clear communication should also look at the psychosocial factors to prevent worsening negative thoughts. I learnt to assess the family and the patients and to be supportive and empathic in case of breaking negative news.

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