Essay on Coaching

The requirements of the six coaching components and their order of importance have been derived from the extensive literature review. The coaching model strategy requires the inclusion of these six components: a non-threatening environment, a desire to be coached, interactive communication, feedback, problem-solving, and performance improvement.

The first four: a non-threatening environment, a desire to be coached, interactive communications, and feedback, are arranged in order of importance. The two issues, problem-solving and performance improvement, are addressed utilizing the first four components of the coaching strategy.

In organizations where managers attempt to develop solutions to solve problems and improve performances before coaching strategies are implemented implies to the subordinates that directing and not coaching is occurring.

1. There must be a non-threatening environment conducive to change. The environment must be one that gives support and encouragement, both during and after the establishment of a new process. Continuous support and encouragement include a capacity for each subordinate to fail throughout learning or improving the process. When failures occur the coach should respond in a non-punitive way. Thee environment should create within subordinates’ apperception of being respected, esteemed, and valued by their manager. Subordinates who fail need an atmosphere conducive to coaching, or the process will result in frustration for both the subordinate and the coach. Without a non¬≠threatening environment, directing not coaching is occurring.

2. The subordinate must have a desire to be coached. One of the basic principles of effective coaching is that no one can be coached in the absence of a demand for it.” He continued to say a coach should be able to stimulate an interest to be coached. No one can be coached in the absence of a demand for coaching. For a subordinate to have a desire to be coached there must be a perceived need to learn or improve performance. The subordinate must clearly recognize that coaching is occurring.