How to Write a Research Proposal?

Although the format and the style of a result proposal depend upon the subject, topic, and institution you are writing a research proposal for, however, there is a general style which is followed everywhere. However, a good amount of time must be allocated in deciding what should be incorporated in a research proposal to achieve good grades. Here is a quick help for you!

  1. Title Page: First comes a title page where you have to decide a good and to the point topic. Use whichever formatting style your institution instructed you.
  2. Abstract: There comes the abstract page where you summarize all the things which you are about to discuss in your research proposal.
  3. Table of Content (TOC): Prepare a table of content. It is advised to prepare a TOC at the end of the paper. MS Word’s option of the table of content will easily help you in it.
  4. Introduction: Introduction is the main part where you describe your problem statement. Here you tell people why your topic is critical to study and how it is making an impact. You will provide all the necessary information you like in this section.
  5. Literature Review: In this section, you will discuss some of the literary works related to the topic of your research. You will do a critical analysis of the topics if you like.
  6. Methodology: It contains all the information related to the methods you adopted in doing this research. You will list down all the steps you took and what kind of material you utilized to complete your research.
  7. Findings and Discussion: It is up to you if you want to break down this into two sections or not. This section proposes the finding you got after doing research. Here you can relate your research results with the literary work you selected and find out similarities and dissimilarities.
  8. Results and Conclusion: In this section, you provide the results you got from the research you conducted. You summarize the whole research proposal in this part and make a conclusion out of it. Try to write a conclusion on the basis of a fact instead of opinion to keep the research authentic and look credible. Here you will have to mention all the important points already mentioned in the proposal. This part is the main focus of the readers where they look for the final results that your research gave. Try to keep it as simple and informative as possible.