How important is the body paragraph of an essay

Every essay paper has a structure. On a basic scale, the essay paper consists of three components. These include the introduction, body and conclusion. Once the writer completes the introduction of the essay paper, he starts writing the body of the essay paper. However, unlike the introduction and the conclusion, the essay paper body does not consist of one paragraph only.

The essay paper body consists of multiple paragraphs. The number of paragraphs depend on how detailed the topic is and the kind of information which would be included in the essay paper body. Mostly, related and similar points are included in one paragraph.


Along with that, when a different point is being discussed, a new paragraph is used. However, you need to be sure that there is proper coherence and coordination between different paragraphs of the essay paper body. What is coherence? Why do you need coordination?

When one point is being discussed in one paragraph, it needs to be smoothly carried on to the next paragraph. In addition to that, proper coordination between different paragraphs is required so that one paragraph does not seem disconnected from the other.

Thus, you need to include proper coherence when you are working on the essay paper body.

Essay Paper

The essay paper body contains very important information related to the subject. In other words, it contains bulk of the information which the reader has to go through.

It is important to make a draft of the essay paper body before you start writing it. This is because a draft can be modified in an easier manner. If you think that the essay paper body needs changes, you can make them by modifying the draft.

Do not include content which is not reliable. In other words, check the reliability of information before using it. Some resources provide unreliable information and students use it without proper checking.

This is lead to various essay paper problems including plagiarism.  In addition to that, it is very important to proofread the essay paper after the body has been written.