Thesis: Uses of the drug diazepam

Diazepam has got quite a number of uses. This drug can be used to calm cases of several anxiety as well as agitation. Diazepam has been known to be very quick and effective at reducing the symptoms of anxiety and agitation very quickly.

An example of this is in the case if a manic episode of the psychiatric illness. An individual who has got a bipolar affective disorder can be calmed down using this drug (Richter & Ackermann, 1977).

Initially, benzodiazepine may be given to the patient as part of the treatment procedure. This is acceptable even though it is not legal, but in case of an emergency, it is allowed.

The benzodiazepines will help in calming the individual before the mood stabilizers, the other main medicines used to cure this condition, begin to take effect.

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