Thesis: Types of Self Disclosures

There are three types of self disclosures seen during therapy session. The first one involves involuntary self disclosure where a therapist will disclose information about themselves to the patient unconsciously.

A counselor may unconsciously disclose their preferences on different issues depending on their response when a patient talks about it. For instance, a counselor may unconsciously dwell on a subject of preference much longer and keep silent on a subject they do not prefer. In most cases, these situations are unavoidable.  The second instance is intentional where a therapist discloses certain information about themselves intentionally causing a shift of balance from the patient to the therapist. For instance if a therapist cancels a session with the client and they go further to explain the reasons, the patient is left concerned about the therapist. The third instance is non disclosure where an individual will decline request for disclosure (Gutheil, 2010).

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