Thesis: Nursing interventions

The Short-term goal for non-compliance and ineffective adherence to the regimen is to reduce excess salt and water. The nursing intervention for this is to remove all excess salt and paper from his cupboard and to monitor his water intake closely by regulating how much fluid given him the hospital, and how much his visitors give him (Dahl, 2005). This should be done every two hours.

The long-term goal is to adhere to the regimen layout effectively. This includes taking his medication when he is supposed to, taking sufficient salt and fluids, exercising his muscles and eating a healthy diet. The intervention is to explain to him the importance of adhering to his regimen, and stressing his health in the process. This should be done every second day. The second intervention is to enlist the help of his wife in doing the above, equally stressing the importance of following the regimen (Farley et al, 2003), and should be done every time the wife visits.

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