Literature Review on Sponsorship

Sponsorship has become one of the main advertising means as organisations attempt to develop some competitive advantage by associating themselves with certain sporting events. Events such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup, Cricket World Cup and others occur only once in four years. These events are watched by millions of people and the sponsorship fees are very high. Since the events occur only once every year, the exposure for the sponsoring company gets limited to a few days during which the event plays out. By sponsoring teams and smaller annual events, the sponsoring firm is noticed often.
However, the subject of sponsorship is very complex. There can be multiple intentions behind the act of sponsoring. Sponsors would want to be associated with the event to gain publicity that comes with brand association. It can also happen that the sponsorship may be due to philanthropy (Meenaghan, 2001). Please refer to the following image that illustrates the model of sponsorship communication process.

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