Thesis: Paradigm Shift in Prevalent Systems

At a global stage, the paradigm shift in prevalent systems of producing, consuming, and labor dynamics altered the world economy in a huge manner. There was a significant alteration in the people’s culture based on the increase in economic production. This was due to the rise in the disposable incomes, employment rates and population changes (Bentley et al, 2009).

The immediate benefits reaped from the American exchange led to transformation and reforms in the fiscal policy of the country. From the onset, variety of minerals found their way in the international market. Particularly, such minerals as lead and uranium clearly transformed the military. Therefore, the governments of the day needed to control their indulgence in the international trade in order to fund the military. It was through these contacts established in the medieval era that the participating nations had a high potential for conflict due to competing interests (Spielvogel, 2008). Taxation on the imported goods was a widespread way of relieving the countries the burden of funding a war.

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