Thesis: Example of parallelism

Parallelism is used liberally throughout both texts. For example, in Atrahasis, the following passage describes the effects of the drought: ‘…when the second year arrived/they had depleted the storehouse/when the third year arrived/the people’s looks were changed…’ Again in the same book, Enki talks to Atrahasis through his wall, ‘… Dismantle the house/build a boat…’

On the other hand, the epic of Gilgamesh has the following lines ‘…Abandon wealth! Seek life! / Property spurn! Living beings keep alive!’ Moreover, the description ‘…Humbaba’s mouth is fire, his roar the flood water’ is an example of parallelism.

The essence of parallelism in both epics is that it stresses the importance of both things that are being said in the adjacent statements. For example Humbaba’s mouth is a fire, is as important as his roar, which is a flood. Nonetheless, had the authors written say, ‘Humbaba’s mouth is a fire/his roar was the flood water’ they would have diminished the importance of his roar as compared to his mouth by putting it in the past tense.

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